StreetFx Newcastle is coming together as a community to raise funds for the Knoester family

Their son Saxon was diagnosed with a brain tumour on Sunday 27th of February 2022.
As this situation is extremely heart-breaking, it is even more challenging with Saxon’s special needs. He has no understanding of what is really happening to him. Putting extra pressure on Peter and Ally with never before seen meltdowns.
Saxon has had surgery, 30 rounds of radiation and is now to start chemotherapy.
We are holding an event on Saturday the 16th of July in our gym. Registration will be $20 to enter as many categories as you like.
Categories include:
  • Max Strict Pull-Ups (men & women)
  • Max Strict Muscle Ups (men & women)
  • Max Free Handstand Hold (men & women)
  • Max Wall Handstand Hold (men & women)
  • 10min ZUU EMOM Challenge
  • Extra comps on the day (cash donation)
We want this to be a fun event 🙂 Come and test put your brute body weight strength and raise money for this cause!
  • Price: A$ 20.74
    Event registration - 100% goes to Saxon and his Family. $0.74 stripe credit card processing fee
  • A$ 0.00
  • American Express
    Supported Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
Ronack Jain
Ronack Jain
Great environment, people and trainer, would strongly recommend trying
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker
Absolutely love StreetFX! Shalyn and Katie are awesome trainers and cater to all fitness levels. I never would have thought I'd be able to do half of the street workout! Can't thank them enough. There is absolutely no judgement from anyone, and it's a peacock free place. Do yourself a favour and head in for a sesh. You will go back.
JP Riseley
JP Riseley
Great atmosphere. Great people.
Kelly K
Kelly K
I don’t like sports and I’ve not been very physically active for most of my adult life. I have NEVER been a gym junkie. In fact, I’ve only been a member of 5 gyms over ~20 years, all of which felt like an effort to go to and that I, for the most part, never really stuck with. Well, I am a now a very proud gym junkie! What’s different about this place? Everything! 1. Weights: I have always hated lifting weights, have always felt completely uncoordinated. But Shal takes the time to make sure you are doing it correctly and with enough repetition to get muscle memory. After ~6 months here, I want to challenge myself and I want to lift heavier. 2. Cardio: Wow- never had a cardio workout like this place. Was a member of a gym for 3years prior to coming here and felt (and still do) completely exhausted after my first HIIT class. And most importantly, it ALWAYS feels like a whole body workout! 3. Calisthenics: Rope climbs and handstands were the reason I joined this place and I love these classes- the best! 4. Added extras: The people here are so friendly and welcoming, it really feels like family! I come to street FX for the people as much as I do for the workouts. The tunes are also pretty banging! Plus the cutest pup you have ever seen, coach Poppy. Last but not least- the BEST coaches in Newcastle!
Nathan Franks
Nathan Franks
I've been training with Shalyn at StreetFX for nearly 4 years now. I had tried globo-gyms, Cross Fit, PT, and boot camps before walking in the door. From my first session it has a great atmosphere, friendly crew and judgement free. I am challenged by the coaches to be better than yesterday. I also love the variety of classes, Zuu, HIIT, and Callisthenics keep training interesting.
Joel Shakespeare
Joel Shakespeare
Here's a bit of a long review but hang in there until the end. When I joined StreetFX it was gym membership number 8. I'd been a member of 7 gyms before here, and in reality those memberships were just expensive key rings. So I thought I never had given this group training thing a go, I was always too self conscious, too unfit and full of self doubt. I took the leap and messaged Shal, she made me feel comfortable to drop by and check out the space. When I did she took the time to have a chat, and make sure I felt comfortable and even confident to walk back in the next day to do a class. Next day come round, I found myself booking in on the app, now it's booked I have to go right ? I turned up, and from the moment I walked in I would say everyone made an effort to say hi and make me feel welcome but that's not true, it wasn't an effort for anyone it was natural for them and just one of many parts in the culture at StreetFX. Other gyms I have been part of talk about how they are judgement free and inclusive, cover there walls with posters, well the wall space thats not covered in mirrors that is, on that's who they are but at StreetFX I found that this is "normal" it's an environment that was built that way and has continued to keep and grow this amazing place and not one poster needed on the walls to say such a thing, and even better only one mirror in the place and that's above the bathroom sink! The coaches are not only qualified but skilled in what they do. They encourage you, challenge you, and ensure that your technique is on point so that you grow in all aspects of you! They also have amazing personalities which means you feel amazing and at home in the safe and supportive environment. The rest of the StreetFX Fit fam are also the best group of humans you can surround yourself with they too are always there to offer: an ear if you need someone to listen, a mouth with words of encouragement, a hand if you want to be shown how again, a whole body for an extra set so your not alone, legs and feet to run that bit extra beside you. They don't ask they just jump in and do, as this is the encouraging, supportive, inclusive humans they are. I know that if I didn't find StreetFX when I did my life would be very different to what it is today. I appreciate every day what Shal and the Team have created. I don't know how words can do this place any justice, even tho I've tried with mine, so If your looking for a gym like no other just check out StreetFX for yourself.
Phill Bond
Phill Bond
Punishing but fun workouts and Shalyn is an excellent trainer. She keeps things interesting and offers great tips and techniques.